Jewelry Toledo – Should You Buy Retail?

November 12th, 2011

jewelry toledoSo, you decided to buy a piece of exquisite jewelry…

You typed in Google Jewelry Toledo to perhaps find a jewelry store in Toledo, OH, or to maybe research who might be having a sale on those lovely pair of earrings or arm braceletyou have had your eye on, and on and on the reasons go.
I ‘d like to suggest you to read this little article and think for a moment whether your really want to purchase that diamond ring or that pearl necklace or pair of cute earrings at retail prices?

I’d bet that at no other time in history (at least “our” history) has it been better time to look for jewelry somewhere besides the Kay Jewelers or Zales and perhaps look at that pair Tiffany & Co 4.29 ct Alexandrite & Diamond Ring, or beautiful 14K Gold Movado Watch or even that special engagement or wedding ring at the largest auction site in the world… ebay!

Let’s think about it. Today, when economy is so bad, people are selling things at a fraction of the price they purchase them just to manage their daily expenses. A lot of people have lost their jobs or money in the stock market or even retirement funds so you can fined fabulous deals on all sorts of fine jewelry at never before seen prices.

Sterling silver, gold, promise, engagement and wedding rings, necklaces, pendants, watches, you name it, it’s out there and in amazing condition and hundreds (or even thousands!) less than you would pay at retail!
And how about a site like Amazon where you can save 50% or even more over retail for a brand new piece of jewelry!

Jewelry Toledo is a website on a mission… to save you money!

Here on Jewelry Toledo you will find many articles on all kind of jewelry as well as links to online sites like ebay where you can buy jewelry not overpaying for it.

Just recently I purchased a 2.00 ct. round diamond solitaire engagement ring of excellent cut just for $3999 (the same ring was on sale at Gordon’s Jewelers  for almost $9000).
It has a color ranking of D and a clarity ranking SI3-I1. The description of the ring is from the store that wanted 3 times that I actually paid for it.

The ring is in beautiful condition and I love it. Nevertheless I have put it up for sale in hope to get at least a couple of thousands more than I paid for it!

And here I want to point another thing about this site. There are articles on finding vintage pieces of jewelry or buying jewelry wholesome and turning around and selling them at a profit. That is what you might want to do… it’s a great business model that can work for anyone!

So, if you are looking for directions to J.Foster Jewellers, The Roulet Company, or Harold Jaffe, Antypas Brothers or any other fine jewelers in the Toledo area, maybe you should cancel that trip for the moment and dig in here and do a little diamond mining of your own.


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Valentine Day Ideas: Citizen Watches For Him

January 15th, 2012

Valentine Day IdeasThe day of love is approaching soon. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day, which is just about to come. All you people out there, who have given out their heart to your loved ones, should get all set to celebrate this day with extreme love, affection and excitement. If you are looking forward to make your Valentine feel special on this day and searching for Valentine Day ideas, then you should buy him something special.

It would be really good if you buy that gift for your most loved man, which you think, would suit his personality the most. The market gets saturated with valentine’s gifts before this day comes. You come across countless gift items shelved out there. Choosing the right gift for your Mr. Perfect is something that matters a lot.

If you are still empty minded and don’t have any idea, then how about watches? Wrist watches are considered to be the best thing that can be gifted to any man. They are a part of men’s most stylish and fashionable accessory. It does not matter that which profession your most loved man belongs to. The only thing that matters is that you should choose one of the available options of Citizen Watches.

Yes! Citizen is that particular brand, which is a pioneer in manufacturing and designing the most sophisticated and fashionable watches for men. When it is about the selection of one of the Citizen watches, then the buyers have many choices in terms of styles, designs, colors and prices.

The best thing about them is that they can easily suit anybody’s budget. Starting from a cheap priced watch to highly pricey watch, you can find any watch that you think would be loved by your man on this Valentine. The reason, why Citizen Watches are being suggested as the best Valentines’ gift is that they speak the language of style, class and reliability.

You must not just go for aesthetic beauty or physical appearance of any product that you are planning to buy as a gift for your Valentine. It is very important that you pick up that particular thing, which is worth buying. It means that the watch should be not only stylish but also durable. When it comes to durability of watches, then there is hardly any brand in the market, which gives such a level of durability at really reasonable and justifiable price.

There are although many models of Citizen watches, which are considered to be hot favorites among men, but the one, which could be a great pick for your Valentine is being sold by the name of Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E Eco-Drive Canvas Strap Watch. It is the most stylish watch which is kind of a complete package for you to choose as one among many great Valentine Day ideas.

You can search for this watch’s features and specifications online and can place your order. It is being sold just for $87, which is quite a reasonable price. This watch was introduced at the end of 2011, which certainly makes it one of the latest in the collection of Citizen Watches.

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Learn the Right Way of Identifying Real Diamonds

January 9th, 2012

Diamond in ToledoDo you know that diamond jewelry in Toledo is considered to be the most loving and demanding among women of different ages? If no, then you might have never come across a woman discussing and praising her diamond jewelry. The interest and likeness of women for diamonds have made people believe that it is a diamond, for which a woman can fall in love. This gemstone symbolizes a woman’s delicacy and feminine nature. Its brightness, sparkle, shine and delicacy make it a highly appreciated, loved and demanded gemstone all over the world.

Think and Inquire Before You Buy

Diamond jewelry is considered to be amongst the most precious yet expensive gemstones in the world. If a woman goes out to buy one diamond ring, then she has to spend big bucks out of her wallet. It means that one should know whether the diamond that she is buying is real or fake. In case you would just buy any diamond jewel piece without inquiring whether it is original or not, then someone could even dodge or fool you by selling fake or artificial diamonds at the price of original ones. If you don’t want to get fooled, then you should make sure that you visit a well known and reliable jewelry store or boutique. In this way, you would at least be able to put your trust in the jewelry that you would see showcased there.

Small Budget? Choose Man Made Diamonds

In case, you want to cut down your expenses on shopping the diamond jewelry, then man made diamonds are going to be the best option for you. They are relatively cheaper than the original ones. Usually, people can’t recognize if anybody’s wearing original or man made diamonds. Therefore, you can confidently wear them around.

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Expedition to Explore Affordable Engagement Rings

January 2nd, 2012

Jewelry in ToledoAcquiring an affordable engagement ring, does not mean that you have to ignore quality. Many affordable rings are accessible while searching jewelry in Toledo like many other places; you just need to have the eye for it. Moreover, you need to put up extra efforts to accomplish your objective. Well thought and reasonable engagement rings would place you in an astounding position.

Saving up on Engagement Rings

Saving money on engagement rings is important but it has to be special too. One of the foremost affordable and convenient methods is to pass on your family traditional ring to your loved one.

Passing on your grandmother’s ring to your girlfriend would carry on the family tradition of happiness and sense of belonging. But make sure that the ring fits to your fiancee.

Another method to curtail money is to choose a silver band instead of gold band for the engagement ring. Women these days opt for silver rather than gold due to its yellow color.

Furthermore, you could also buy the gemstone and setting separately for curtailing down the expenditure. You can buy the stone while shopping when travelling, even before you intent to propose to your beloved. Then finding a perfect setting is your next stop.

Flaunting Your Affordable Engagement Ring

Gone are the days when only diamonds were held high. There are many other gemstones available to make up your exotic engagement ring. In fact many posh celebrities are thinking out of the box and opting for other precious gems to propose. For instance Princess Diana and later her daughter in law flaunted sapphire engagement rings that caught everybody’s attention and envy.

A large single diamond is way much more expensive than smaller. You can either opt for big size or the number, the ultimate choice is yours. The pearl of wisdom is that curtailing on the costs does not imply to have low quality engagement rings for your beloved. So enjoy your celebration and party hard.

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How to Find the Most Exquisite Diamond Wedding Ring?

December 24th, 2011

jewelry in Toledo

What To Know?

Do you have an idea about the value and significance of a wedding ring? Being a girl, you must have a great inclination towards the stylish diamond wedding ring, as diamond is that precious gemstone, which is considered to be a girl’s close friend. Association of diamonds with wedding rings actually makes up a perfect combination. Every girl’s dream is to get her desirable and likable diamond wedding ring.

Styles You Can Choose From

The available jewelry in Toledo speaks out the language of quality, style, beauty and luxury. Diamond jewelry that is available in Toledo is considered to be of top notch quality. When it comes to the selection of diamond wedding rings, then you are in need of choosing the style, cut, shape and type of diamond that you want to get embedded on your ring. There is a huge variety of diamonds in terms of shapes including oval, round, rectangular, square and many others as well. You can decide over the shape, size and number of diamonds depending upon the budget that you have.

Choose the Setting

Once you are done with the selection of diamonds that you want on your ring, then you are in need of choosing the metal that you want as a base of your ring. There are some common yet popular options that people consider while choosing the base metal. They include yellow gold, platinum and white gold.

Now the selection is going to be influenced by two factors including your choice and budget. If you have a small budget, then it would be good for you if you choose yellow gold. This metal is comparatively less expensive than platinum.

In case you want a more versatile metal, then you must choose platinum. It is going to give your wedding ring an exquisite, royal and luxurious look and appeal. Common verdicts also go with the opinion that it is platinum, which makes the wedding rings more wearable, as this metal compliments all types of dresses and colors.

Select Diamond’s Color

When you are considering buying a diamond wedding ring then you have so many options. You can actually end up getting the most customized ring for your big day. Here we are talking about the variety of colors that are available in diamond jewelry in Toledo. Just imagine yourself wearing a pink colored diamond wedding ring.

Here two of these factors seem to be favorable and desirable for any woman. The first one is diamond and the second is a pink color. Usually, women like to have something that is pink in color or has a hint of this color. Wearing a pink colored diamond ring can make a woman look more feminine. There are various other colors as well which include brown, champaign, yellow, white and many others.

What Cost You Could Afford?

When a person is in need of buying a diamond wedding ring then the most important and considerable factor that he considers first is the price or cost. The selection of diamond ring is done while keeping the budget in mind. The good thing about diamond jewelry is that it offers the customers plenty of options in terms of price range. One can easily pick the one that seems to be affordable for him or her.

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In the Pursuit of Your Dream Diamond Engagement Ring

December 16th, 2011

diamond in toledoAre you worried to have your dream engagement ring when it is your boyfriend who is making the final purchase? If yes, then you got to understand his thought process. As he is the one who is shopping to find the symbol of his love to you; a diamond ring. Usually, the male gender has three basic priorities for shopping an engagement diamond:

1) Seeking for a fine asset
2) Your happiness matters to them
3) Horrified to disappoint your desires

Moreover, men panic of committing a slip-up. Taking help from their girlfriend is avoided due to their ego and pride to bend down. They mix up their faithful logic in making a sentimental decision, so typical of them.

Like all other problems, they apply aggression to their diamond shopping. They accumulate information, make logical analysis and make a processed choice. They confuse your priorities with theirs and concentrate to buy a diamond engagement ring in terms of a good investment. They fall into the myth that expensive engagement rings would exemplify their true love for you.

Generally, the first stop to a man’s quest is a jewelry store in the nearest shopping mall. When they enter that store, they feel like an alien from another world. Looking at the rings in the display cases, the price tags appear to have more zeroes than anywhere.

Due to stress out of fear, they decide to do more scanning in a more comfortable place of their choice. They log on to their websites to explore more appropriate process of finding their diamond shopping. Their focus is to find a suitable ring while save up some money too. They spend time in discussing the four C’s (color, clarity, carat weight and cut), eventually to hit upon a perfect match among letter grades with their budget. But they also start to dread that there are more options available and they need to dig in more to reach out to them.

This learning period gets stretched to weeks or even months, assembling more facts about their diamond gift for their girlfriend. This entire endeavor is similar to get a hold of a drink from a fire hydrant, with too much to drink from. At this juncture of the shopping process, men completely forget the motive behind their shopping ordeal, which is to seek for their girlfriend’s happiness.

As a woman, now you would be aware of the whole story. But you would be asking yourself that how you can make sure that this ring turns out to be your dream engagement ring and the proposal moment is romantic enough to be memorable and cherishing? Below are the top tips to bring your dreams into a reality:

1) Do some shopping yourself to exhibit to your boyfriend about your priorities of the rock on your finger.

2) Give up some hints about the slide stones, solitaire etc if you are expecting a surprise. May be you can express in clues that you want something simple.

3) Seek ways to tell about your choice of the band material you want such as yellow gold, white gold or platinum.

4) Looking at the circumstances, involve yourself in the shopping process. Many couples are now opting for shopping together to reduce stress and for more happiness.

Conclusively, you have to realize that your dream guy is trying to suit to you and make you happy. You must be patient and appreciate his efforts to the best of his ability. Tell him how honored you are to have him and his present of sparkling and precious diamond ring on your finger.

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Buying Jewelry Retail : What You Are Really Paying For

November 12th, 2011

Here at Jewelry Toledo we are very proud that we don’t spend a lot on advertising on our site.

Actually, we don’t spend anything at all, only the cost of hosting and our time to keep the site up to date.

Most jewelry stores in the area have to advertise to get you come to them…that expensive mall spaces are also a form of advertising!

There are also Yellow pages that cost over $1000 per month, and there are radio and TV ads etc…

Here is example of advertisement that was run by Tiffany&Co for some time ago. Please take a look – we don’t mind !



Can you can imagine how much does it cost to produce it?

So there you have it.  When you buy that diamond ring or bracelet or pair of earrings, you are also paying for a lot of other things like store over head and expensive advertising.

Someones got to pay it, right?

However, you can get some fabulous jewelry at much better prices by searching online for it and of course that is what Jewelry Toledo is all about!

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What Local Jewelers Do Not Want You To Know

November 12th, 2011

I love shopping for jewelry… at the same time the more I learn about how fraudulent local jewelers can be, well, I think twice before going to their stores and spending my hard earned money.

And, we here at Jewelry Toledo want you to be cautious as well when shopping for any piece of jewelry at a retail shop.

There are so many reasons why some jewelers would not want you to know certain things about how they go about their business. And the number one amongst them is because you will stop buying jeweler from them if you knew the half of it.

Here is a checklist  of a few important things that your jeweler would not want you to know.

Diamond Sale?
Did the recently published diamond jewelry on sale add tempt you enough to visit your local jewelry for a peek at what’s on sale? Or did you think, “Let me buy that diamond ring that I always wanted. After all, it’s on sale now!” Sorry to burst your bubble, but there is really no such thing as a Diamond Sale! Jewelers can’t afford to sell diamond jewelry, in specific, at reduced prices because DeBeers, who controls 65% of the market, won’t allow it. The diamond that are actually on ‘sale’ are either flawed or of low quality or both.

The “Perfect” Diamond Myth    
Technological and scientific advancements have definitely helped the diamond industry. Now they sell diamonds that have received a facelift. These diamonds appear ‘perfect’, ‘flawless’ and ‘brilliant’. But if truth be told, these diamonds are artificially treated using either fracture filling method, a treatment that is used to fill visible cracks in the stone with a glasslike substance or then they are artificial stone because they appear just like the real rock. Needless to say, these treatments make these stones look just like the real thing and are passed off as the real stuff. Be Careful!

Precious Gemstones or Just Dyed Color Beads?
We all know that precious gemstones like emeralds rubies, sapphires are increasingly becoming rare. But did you know that many jewelers pass of colored glass beads as these gemstones and quote you ridiculously high prices for them? Yes. Moreover, many of the real gemstones are subjected to heading or oiling processes to make them look more beautiful. This is not bad, but you must check with the salesperson if they have such stones. If you have doubts, then get the stones appraised from a reliable external source.

African Blood Diamonds
Blood Diamonds? No, we aren’t talking about the Leo DiCaprio movie. We are talking about the subject of that movie. Diamonds mined in African countries such as Sierra Leone, Angola, or the Congo are called ‘Blood Diamonds’. This is because slave laborers toil endlessly in the mines risking their lives to find diamonds and some of this money is given to warlords who use it to buy weapons to kill innocent civilians. It may not be possible for your jeweler to tell you the origin of the diamond as it changes many hands. Moreover, there is really no way to certify that a diamond is “conflict-free”.

We are sure you already know that there are two types of pearls. Natural and cultured pearls. Did you know that natural pears are rare and very expensive, while cultured pearls are easily available? The sign of a real pearl is the nacre. Thick nacre is indicative of the fact that the pearl you hold in your hand is the real stuff. Nacre is the lustrous natural coating that emanates from the nucleus of the pearl and covers it, thus making it glow. Of course, thick nacre means more glow, and a purer pearl. Typically, pearl jewelry that is sold around $150 is made from artificial pearls and not worth investing in as it’s bound to be spoiled soon.

Antique Jewelry? Sure We have it!
Antique jewelry or estate pieces (pieces crafted between 1890 -1960) are a worthwhile investment, because they are hard to find and can always become the next fashion trend. But not all “estate” jewelry pieces are authentic and genuinely old. Beware of being conned in buying antique jewelry that has been crafted as recently as 1990 or later and given a finish that makes it look like is it an ancient piece of jewelry. Additionally, don’t buy revamped antique jewelry, if you can make out its been revamped of course. Revamping diminishes the value of the piece by almost half. If at all you are buying antique jewelry then get your jeweler to write down the following: when and where the piece was made, its condition, the type of metal or stones used, and whether they’ve been treated, and whether the stones are the original gems.

Extended Jewelry Warranties. Don’t Bother With It!
Jewelers are selling extended warranties for just a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. These warranties become a burden because they cover only partial loss. You’d be better off buying a new insurance policy that can protect your jewelry against all kinds of loss including theft, death by garbage disposal and more.

Remember, caution is the key to buying good jewelry. Always do your research before buying jewelry and stay safe.

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Buying Diamond Ring: Avoid Most Common Diamond Scams

November 12th, 2011

jewelry toledoAre you looking for a diamond ring to buy? Then be aware of numerous scams that mostly are minor, but there are some major ones that you learn to recognize after reading this article. Scams occur simple because most people who buy diamonds – for whatever reasons – don’t know that much about diamonds. Therefore, they are easily fooled.

Jewelry stores  like to show their diamonds in bright lights. Lights make diamonds shine. Ask to see the diamond in a different, darker type of lighting as well. Jewelry stores often run ‘fluorescence’ scams to varying degrees. Referring to a diamond as a blue-white diamond is such a scam. A blue-white diamond sounds very unique and special, but in fact, this type of diamond is of lesser quality – even though the jeweler will try to make you think you are getting something special.

A common scam that most jewelry stores participate in is the Carat Total Weight scam. The tag on the piece of jewelry, usually a ring, only states the total carat weight of all diamonds in the piece, instead of listing the total weights separately for each diamond. This leads consumers to believe that the main diamond in the piece is actually bigger than it is. Ask what the total carat weight of the center stone is. Also beware of fractions. Jewelry stores are allowed to round off diamond weights. This means that if the jeweler tells you that it is a ¾ carat diamond, it is probably between ½ and ¾ carat – but closer to ¾.

Some truly unscrupulous jewelers target those who want appraisals on diamonds that were given to them as gifts or that were purchased elsewhere. They will try to tell you that the diamond is worthless, or worth less than it actually is worth – and offer to take it off your hands or trade it for a much better diamond, along with the cash to make up the difference. This is called low balling. Get a second, third, and even a forth opinion before taking any action.

Another common dirty trick is to switch the diamond you have chosen and paid for with one of lesser quality and value when you leave it to be set in a piece of jewelry, or leave a diamond ring to be sized. The only way to avoid this is to do business with one trustworthy jeweler. Avoid jewelers that you have not done business with in the past.

There are many more scams that jewelry stores commonly pull on unsuspecting consumers. Just use your best judgment, and purchase your diamonds with the utmost care and consideration.

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Cleaning Your Jewelry: Know How

November 12th, 2011

jewelry ToledoWe women love jewelry.

It’s something that we cannot simply do without. To keep it clean and sparkling we either have to go to a professional jewelry cleaner (that could be pretty expensive) or to learn how to do that ourselves.

And we here at Jewelry Toledo are about saving money not only when buying jewelry but keeping it in tip top shape as well!

There are numerous ways and means thorough which you can keep your jewelry in ship shape throughout the year. What’s more you can employ these methods from the comforts of your home. They are easy to do, and easy to learn. Here are a few tips on keeping your jewelry clean and sparkling throughout the year:

Cleaning Your Precious Diamonds
The process is quite simple. Take a glass bowl, and pour some Vodka into it. Take your diamond jewelry and swish it inside the bowl. Take it out and then rinse it with clean, clear water and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Moreover, if your diamond jewelry is really very dirty, then it is advisable that you dip a soft toothbrush in the vodka and scrub the jewelry delicately. This process will clean and add the requisite sparkle to the diamond jewelry in no time at all.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry
This is again a process that is simplicity itself. All that is required is a cup of warm water, a teaspoon of liquid dish soap and a teaspoon of household ammonia. Your gold jewelry must be then immersed in this mixture and allowed to rest in it for a period of around ten minutes. After this, you must use a soft cloth to wipe them dry. You will be amazed by the efficacy of this simple process.

The Silver Jewelry Tip
Your silver jewelry might just be the hardest item to clean. Many people try and clean it with a silver paste, but in the hands of the amateur, it usually ends up as a messy failure. An easier way would be to use a glass casserole whose bottom must be lined with an aluminum foil.
You must then add two tablespoons of baking soda and a tablespoon of salt and some boiling water inside the glass casserole. The silver jewelry then needs to be added to this mixture and allowed to sit in it, till the water cools down. After that, remove the silver pieces and buff them with a soft cloth.
If you use this process, it’s a surety that all the crevices and creases of the silver will be cleaned of all the dirt and the jewelry will sparkle anew. The best part about this method is that there is absolutely no need to keep rubbing the finish. This helps in prolonging the life of the jewelry and it will last longer.

Your Precious Pearls
There is no intricate process that will help you keep your pearls sparkling throughout the year. They will only be kept clean and shiny, if you wear them often. There is a scientific reason for this. The oil from your skin will help their luster and keep them soft.
However, there are times when there is simply very little opportunity for you to wear your pearls. In this case, you can keep them in good condition by sprinkling some olive oil on a soft cloth and then wiping them gently.

Moisture: The Dust Trap
Always remove your jewelry before you take a bath or head for a sauna. This must be especially taken care of, in the case of gemstone jewelry. Such jewelry is quite sensitive to moisture and any exposure to it might lead to the jewelry pieces losing their sparkle and newness.
Any amount of water on the jewelry pieces acts as a trap for dust particles and other residual matter.

A Simple Solution
If you don’t want to put in too much of an effort with regards to your cleaning process then you can clean your gold and silver jewelry using a solution of soap and water. The cleaning powder must not be strong, as the presence of hard chemicals will have a detrimental effect on your jewelry.
Proceed with caution with respect to cleaning your jewelry with a soap solution. Be well aware of the chemical content of your soap solution. If you are not to sure about this, then the best thing would be to apply the solution on an area of the jewelry that is less conspicuous.

Jewelry Storage
Due importance must also be given to where you store your jewelry. This would ensure the cleanliness of the jewelry. You must keep your jewelry in an enclosed storage space that is also dry and cool. Any sustained exposure to heat will cause an irrevocable damage to your jewelry.

Use the above mentioned tips to regularly clean your jewelry, so it looks as good as new. The results of these tips might just surprise you with their brilliance.

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